Sunday, November 5, 2017

holiday gifts

We work with children in a Ghanaian fishing village.We have taught them that instead of begging that they should work for what they want. Their work is to make paper from sugar cane leaves and books/stars from the paper.
Please consider buying a holiday gift from Cross Cultural Collaborative. All proceeds from sales are used for the children's education.
Books - $20.00 includes shipping in US & Canada
hanging stars - $12.00@ includes shipping in US & Canada
contact for payment options.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Artist Residency in Ghana 2018

Cross Cultural Collaborative is offering an ARTIST RESIDENCY July 9 - July 22,2018
Please follow link for details:

Here are a few photos from last summer:

We welcome artists from all disciplines and skill levels. Stay at our cultural center in a non-touristy African village and interact with local artisans, awesome kids and creative people from around the world.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

This is an apology

I just looked at the comments (some of them go way back) and I apologize for not answering most of them. I'd be happy to answer questions, but please send an email to If you do, I promise to answer!

You're invited

Our computer got so old that it wouldn't blog or do much of anything anymore, so here we are with our new MAC . We'll try to keep up to date.
It's summertime here in the northern hemisphere.That means that it's time for us to head for the equator and Ghana. We're having our annual artist residency at Aba House. Hope to have some nice photos for you soon.
If you're thinking about next summer already, let us know and we'll send you information about our residency for next year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

just a reminder

Just a reminder that signup deadline for TEXTILE WORKSHOP in GHANA is Feb. 1.
If you'd like the rest of the brochure:

The workshop is July 17 - 30, 2016.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Textile Workshop 2016

TEXTILE WORKSHOP IN GHANA  July 17 - July 30, 2016
A hands on opportunity to learn African textile techniques in the context of their culture from indigenous artisans. Stay at our guest house/cultural center in a fishing village and experience the rich history and culture of Ghana as a participant and not as a tourist.
For more information send to for a brochure.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

summer at Aba House

After months of planning we approach our first ARTIST RESIDENCY. It has been quite an undertaking working with people on 3 continents & getting everything lined up.I often wonder what people did before email and SKYPE.
Cross Cultural Collaborative working in collaboration with Ghana Art Teachers Association - Ghana Association of Visual Artists and Afro Dance & Creative Arts will sponsor a visual arts exhibition called "Ghana Life:A Cultural Reflection" at the National Centre for Culture in Accra.
And as part of the exhibition we will offer workshops on traditional & contemporary art techniques and traditional African dance and drumming.
Participation in the exhibition has closed, but sign up for workshops is in progress, so if you're going to be in Ghana and are interested, let us know ( and we'll send you the schedule.

Wherever you are this summer we hope you have a peaceful and creative summer.