Sunday, June 9, 2013

summer in Ghana

We'll be there from July 6 - August 29. We always have several projects and this summer I plan to concentrate on "Books by Girls", a creative writing program with the Aba House girls. Our goal is to encourage creative thinking and by self publishing the stories our girls will also learn computer skills.
Our plans include donating the books to schools in Ghana so that students can read culturally relevant

                      Here is an excerpt from my book "HARDSHIPS and GOODSHIPS in GHANA"
       There is a rythm to life in Ghana, both literally and metaphorically, and once you get into step, you
        fit right in. It's difficult to explain, but it's something you can feel. The people, the traffic, even the
        fishermen who are sometimes accompanied by drums as they pull in their nets. Weavers hum as  
        they work to keep the rythm ....... it's a slow dance. "No hurry in life". No straight lines. To follow
        the beat it's best to circle around, do a few back steps and slide right in. Then visitors start to

 Like to dance? Think about joining us in Ghana.

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