Sunday, May 5, 2013

Honeymoon at Aba House

Lou and Ama came to Aba House for their honeymoon. Ama is from Kumasi, Ghana and Lou from Idaho, USA so they both experience living in two different cultures.

This is an excerpt from something Lou wrote on a trip to Ghana. If you'd like to read more about him his website is

Many years ago a friend told me he was planning to go to Africa for the soul he was searching for. I understand now and I feel it. And as much as I want a piece of that, maybe it would be best to just pass through and not try to live with my values in it for very long. There is an African personalty, perhaps caused by the heat, that sucks the energy out of people who want to dig down and get things done.
So I go through the culture shift - not shock - of loving the place while thinking I'm in a big amusement park of amazing venues.
Come and see for yourself and enter the world smoothly with a guide like Ellie. You will feel welcomed by Ellie at Aba House, not far from Ghana's capital. I sure was. Cross Cultural Collaborative immerses you in the culture and Ellie's background as a teacher keeps one's curiosity alive.

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