Wednesday, May 8, 2013

more from Lou

If you're wondering what it's like to shop in Ghana,here's a dispatch from Lou:

Now I'm feeling much more at home in Africa. We took a taxi through all parts of crowded Kumasi to a street that has some bikes in front of the shops in addition to all sorts of hardware and housewares. Some shops sold new bikes. The taxi driver was somehow able to double park amidst the chaos while I haggled with the guy over a cheaper 18 speed mountain bike called a Sportek that had stuck shocks and  looked to still have some life left in it. People were loud and I mean the place was hectic with shoppers and small taxis. With Ama's help my price was $65.00. After 10 minutes the shocks started working so I am happy. I found a way back to the hotel that we first stayed at so that I can get on the internet without needing a taxi.
I'm soaking it all up because it sure is different from where I live.

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